Divine Proposal

Writing sales proposals for a client well-loved
Bhajans playing softly, chants from within

Watching words flow from silence unseen
Shaping business case in story so sublime

Woven with love, its power imparted
Connection beyond words on pages conveyed

Seeing my Self as singer and song
Song becomes One with pages revealed

Springing from my Self, celestial voices beyond time
Singing through my heart, embracing the Divine

What Universes unknown -- untold to behold
Contained in my heart, free to unfold

Multiverses displayed for inner eye to see
God's creation revealed through infinity

I become Divine choir singing to Thee
When suddenly choir reverses, facing directly at Me

-- January 2010

The story behind the poem…

Chants were playing softly on my iPod, as I wrote sales proposals one Sunday afternoon. My heart began swelling with the sound of the chants, and I felt as though the music was emanating from my own Being. I continued writing, noticing that the words flowed easily through my fingers appearing almost miraculously on the computer screen. It felt that the words shaping the business case for the proposal were infused with the love I felt coming from inside me. It seemed to form an invisible, but palpable connection with my client that transcended any boundaries of distance, time, or points of view.

My consciousness began to merge into the song, the singing voices, and the words of the sales proposal as it was manifesting before my eyes. As the experience continued, my awareness expanded beyond my immediate presence into far distant planets, galaxies, stars and even other universes. I became a part of the beautiful choir of angelic, Devic, and celestial voices directing their praises to the Divine. In fact, the choir itself resided within my own Being. The whole choir became the many voices of my own essence, singing its praises and love outwardly to the Divine; and the Divine was huge beyond imagination. To my surprise, this infinite choir suddenly turned around, directing it’s song to me.

A few weeks later, I began to feel that my connection with this level of heightened awareness had faded. I turned my attention to whatever sense of the Divine that remained and asked, “God, can you show me this expansive connection once again?” Within my inner vision, I distinctly “saw” a personification of God looking a bit perturbed with me, shrugging his shoulders and saying, “OK Chris, but will you please remember it this time!”

A huge smile spread across my face and I began to laugh aloud from deep within. Ever since that follow up experience, I have continued to remind myself that all of us are never separated from the Divine. We only think that we are; or forget that we are one with the creative energies of the Universe embodied in human form and consciousness.

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