My photography journey

Amongst the ferns

This blog site is about me, my camera(s), and my lifelong journey of self-discovery through meditation and the lens of the camera.

From film to digital and from the darkroom to Lightroom, photography has been a continuing journey of discovery — of deeper layers of myself and the world around me. My goal is always to connect in intimate ways with whatever I am photographing, but especially in Nature photography — conveying the beauty, mystery and sense of wonder that I see in the natural world.

I seek to tell a story of both the subject and a way of perceiving the world. I aim for my images to be a unification of the subject, my own way of seeing, and the consciousness that I call my Self.

My exploration of photography really took off when I was introduced to the magic of the darkroom by a music teacher and amateur photographer in my second year of college. I had already been fascinated by what the camera could do since the age of 8, but seeing an image magically appear on a blank white page in a tray of liquid developer really lit my passion. I soon shifted my college major from education, music and foreign language to photography, graduating with a BFA degree in photography from Rochester Institute of Technology in 1972.

My study in photography during college was also the beginning of my practice of Transcendental Meditation, a practice that has led to a lifelong interest in spiritual development and the study of ancient wisdom traditions. Combined with a passion for writing, my photography and practice of meditation have nurtured and supported one another ever since.

Join me on the journey and follow the Musings, Poesy & Images I share on this site. Perhaps you will find occasional inspiration or insights that lead to your own “ah ha” moments. Hit the link in the top menu, Writings & Images” to begin the journey. And be sure to Subscribe if you would like to receive updates on my new posts via email.