Ancient Memories (Maui Inspiration)

Ancient memories of childhood's past
Life recalls its original kiss

Reflecting upon itself as myriads of form
Choosing to dream - the myth to be born

Thoughts travel through diversity
As the mirror of Unity

Leaping like spray on rocky shore
Playing in abandon with Life evermore

Life recalls its original kiss
Choosing the dream - expressing its bliss

-- March 2010

The story behind the poem…

I awoke early one morning while staying with friends at their Maui condo for a week in March 2010. This poem was running through my head demanding to be written down before it vanished like a wave in the sea. It showed up on the page with no more than a few seconds of pause, and has had only minor tweaking in the years since. Perhaps it was waiting for just the right space and moment to be shared. And here it is with the launch of my blog site as “The Photo Mystic”! I hope you enjoy, and please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Snapshots from the trip…

Here are a few snapshots from our wonderful time with our gracious friends, Nancy & Roger. (That’s me and my lovely wife Bonnie at the Luau in the last photo.)

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