So Much To Do…

There’s just so much to do about this nothing that seems to be
The quantum void that is; the source of all that is, and all that is not

Perchance the emptiness between our ears, that speaks yet does not hear
How will we know what’s real and unreal in this world of delusion?

When will we learn, there’s nothing to learn that Being knows not?
But surely this nothing is something to be known

Since science is real (as we know from yard signs)
It surely must know the truth about nothing

Minding the Gates, those who check the facts
Will sort the truth from the stories, we’re told

Through science we know
Our bodies of virus and bugs are made

Yet scientist politicians would have us fear
Of what we are made

But fear not! Big Pharma has the weapon 
To destroy the virus of origins in question

Our beliefs do confine the world we see
Germ theory will collapse when the terrain is known

But speak not such views; As Giordano Bruno dared show
Those who reveal shall burn at the stake

Well, it’s not so bad. You’ll only be banned
Not burned at the stake

But where, or who, will we be
Transcending the beliefs we hold so dear?

There’s just so much to learn
About this nothing that seems to be

So with answers to seek; deeply we dive
Into the abyss of “ness” where monsters do thrive

But cannot be proven
So elusive they are

And here we see through vision within
When “ness” joins nothing

"Nothingness” gives birth to all that we are, and all that is 
And the will to create in a world of illusion

— Chris Allen, March 15, 2021

The story behind the poem

Inspired by my reading of “Emptiness Dreaming: The Story of Creation as Seen Through the Eyes of the Quantum Void” by Bill Bauman, Ph.D.; I was inspired to write about our collective challenge of understanding and adapting to the massive changes in every aspect of our lives that is taking place across the planet. The poem’s style is inspired by the writings of Dr. Seus, William Shakespeare & Lewis Carroll. Content additionally inspired by the research of Doctors Thomas Cowan & Andrew Kaufman.

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