I Am the Wave

I am the wave
The frequency of Life
Flowing and Eternal

I witness the collapse
The illusion of the atom
The wave imprisoned in time & space

I embrace my Presence
Embodied in the dance
The play of duality
Light & shadow

I am the wave
The frequency of Love
Embodied in form
Thought & emotion

I bear witness to the Divine
Embodied in the wave
Appearing as form
In consciousness of Self

The atom I am not
That collapse of the wave
That subjects us to death

But what do I perceive
At a moment in time?
A chair, a desk, a cup no doubt
Frozen in space, in time observed

Where is the wave in the cup so small?
Deep within its emptiness
Will the wave be revealed
Felt and known as the Self that I AM

At the wave's collapse
With camera in hand
I image the Eternal
In the stillness of time

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